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사용자 지정 1

힘들었던 어제

It was very tough yesterday.

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2009.02.05 21:42 (Son Dam Bi)

사용자 지정 3

발리에서는 웃기만한것같다

I feel like I did nothing but laughing when I was in Bali.

잊지못할 추억들~ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Everlasting memories~ 🙂

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Any request?

Hi everyone! I’m back. I’m going to start to post popular Korean Celebrity’s Cyworld mini-hompi and translate them into English again. So if you guys want to see your favorite celebrity’s mini-hompi here, leave a comment here or send me a message.

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2008.11.30(Son Dam Bi)


우리는 모두 말했다..”담비야 이쁘다’

 We all said “You look pretty”

대표님은 말했다..’저모자 쓰니까 북한아이 갔다’

 Our President said “You look like North Korean in that hat”

우린 모자를 뺏다.ㅋㅋ

We go without the hat. lol

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2008.12.26(Son Dam Bi) New


새해에도 좋은일만 많이많이 생기세요-

I hope many many good things happen to you next year. 



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2008.09.11 00:45(Sol bi)


이제 드디어 시작이예여….

It’s finally  time to start.

너무도 꿈꿔왔던 순간들이여….

The moment I’ve dreamed so badly… 

여러분들의 사랑 덕분에 여기까지왔습니다…

 I’m here now thanks to your love…

더욱더 열심히해서 좋은모습 보여드릴께여….

 I’ll try harder to show you better..

저의 첫 도전의 사랑으로 보듬어주셨으면 해여…

 I hope you give me a break of my first try.

솔비 라는 이름을 걸고나온 앨범……

 The solo album titled my name “Sol Bi”

여러분들에게 감동을 전하고 싶습니다….

 I want to impress you all…

” 보이지 않는 여러분의 한마디가….

   제게는 ..희망.. 을 줄수있다는거 잊지마세여….”

 Please don’t forget that your word can ‘encourage’ me.

항상 사랑해주시는 팬들에게 감사드리며…

 Thank you for your everlasting love..

끊임없이 도전하는 아름다운 모습으로….

 최고의 모습보다는.. 최선의 모습으로……..


I’ll return by my tireless efforts, doing my best rather than being the best.

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Shin ae

기대고 싶은 순간…

When I needed someone to lean on …

내겐 아무도 없었다..

There was no one around me..

슬픈 하루…

Gloomy day…

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Shin Ae



One day….

은정언니가 찍어준 사진~

Eun jung took this picture

모자이뻣는데~ 경은언니한테 가버렸음~힝~

I really liked that beanie hat~Kyung Eun took it from me~T.T~

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2008.02.07 23:19 (Ye seul)

사람의 향기가 난다.
I smell scent of human.

고향의 향기도 나는것 같고,

Maybe scent of my home. 

음… 향기의 향기도 나는것 같고..

Hm….maybe scent of scent..

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2008.07.27 19:33(Sol Bi)

울 언니랑 같이 있던 시간동안……

During the time I was with my sister……

 넘 사랑하는 우리 가족…..

 My family that I luv so much……

언제나 우리는 한편이라는거…..

 We are  always on the same side…

사랑해… 울 언냐…………..^^

I love you…my sis………..^^

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